We have translated into Spanish more than a hundred of Free Software manuals, namely those related with GNU Emacs, Emacs Lisp, and some other Lisp and GNU packages.
We accept to take charge of integral translations into Spanish of Free Software programs.
  • These programs must run at least on GNU/Linux systems, natively. 
  • The licenses must be Free (Libres) as defined by the FSF and the GNU Project (see below).
  • Dependencies must also be Free (as in Freedom).
  • When we speak of integral translations, we refer to the user interface, system messages, documentation, etc. All in one. We do not accept partial translations. The problem here is that our nomenclature can be different from that used by others, and then inconsistencies may occur between the interface and the documentation. 
  • Thus, we do not accept to work in team with third parties, because our norms of translation are very strict, unless they want to accept our rules.
If we already use (or want to use) the software, then its License can be any of the GNU GPL compatible ones displayed in the licenses page from the GNU Project.

But if we don't use (and don't want to use) the program, then its License must be the GNU GPL.

Examples: if you have a text editor, we will only translate its interface and documentation if its License is the GNU GPL, because we will not use it in our production work, as we are Emacs users.  But if your program is, v.g. a Stage Designer, we can be very interested in test and eventually use your program.  Then, if its License is the Apache 2.0 or the Clear BSD licenses, etc. we'll are very happy for the job of translation.

Of course, if your program is 'gratis', then our translation will be 'gratis' too.

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